Bloody Syria

The bloody dump's a bloody cuss

No bloody trains, no bloody bus

And no-one gives a damn for us

In bloody Syria

The bloody airline's bloody vile

The bloody schedules make you smile

It only cramps your bloody style

In bloody Syria

It's all bloody bands and bloody drums

And bloody sore Damascus bums

God help the poor sod that comes

To bloody Syria

Everything's so bloody dear

Ten bloody bob for a bloody beer

And is it good? No bloody fear

In bloody Syria

They couldn't train a bloody rat

They're bloody thick and bloody fat

D'you think the jew-boys sent Bob Catt

To bloody Syria?

Why we're in this bloody mess

Is anybody's bloody guess

It's no place for a baroness

In bloody Syria

Best bloody place is bloody bed

With bloody ice on bloody head

You might as well be bloody dead

In bloody Syria



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