The Syrian 'B'                                                       


Chorus :     So hoist up the Airtours flag"                               

And take down the Syrian badge                              

And leave it to B.M.A. to g-o it alone                        

I wanna go home, I wanna go home           

I feel so broke up I wanna go home.


We sailed on the Syrian 'B

My wayward crew and me                                             

Around Damascus town we did roam

Drinking all night, repulsively tight                              

These are the worst tours I've ever been on                        


The Captain's a wicked man

He always ignores the plan                                           

We end up in Dubai instead of Dhahran,                                

Flying- all night, just doesn't seem right

These are the worst tours I've ever been on                    


The rooms all make me despair                                      

It doesn't matter much where                                       

The Semi, the Omayad and Airport Hotel

My stomach's not well, as grotty as hell

These are the worst tours I've ever been on                          



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